Hair removed regularly by this method is weakened and thinning. Other methods  cannot be used in the meantime.

After removing the hair with wax, it is recommended to use  products that delay hair regrowth, which usually also have a soothing and moisturizing effect. Do not use greasy balms and creams immediately before the procedure. However, remember that too dry skin, and thus dry hair, often break during epilation. The more well-groomed and moisturized the skin, the more effective the epilation,

Hair should be 0.5 to 1 cm long. The desired length around the bikini is about 0.5 cm, while on the legs about 1 cm. The day before the procedure it is worth doing a body scrub. Take care of personal hygiene before depilation of the bikini zones.

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– broken vessels

– varicose veins, conditions before varicose veins, phlebitis

– pregnancy – last trimester

– allergies

– diabetes

– purulent and inflammatory conditions

– ulceration

– psoriasis

– fresh scars

– epilepsy

– fresh wounds and skin defects

– fever

– low blood clotting

– freshly tanned skin

– wax allergy

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