Treatment of cracking heels

90 zł, 50 minutes, RESERVATION

Why do the heels crack?

There can be many reasons for cleavage on the skin of the feet. The main reasons are:

– water and lipid disorders,

– keratosis disorder,

– improper care,

– cytostatic drugs,

– blood thinners

– diabetic neuropathy, foot deformities

– overweight,

– incorrectly selected footwear, playing sports

– dermatological skin diseases such as ringworm, psoriasis, lichen planus and others.

Restoring the skin’s healthy appearance, including removing calluses and healing wounds resulting from epidermal cracks is a long-term process and depends on the patient’s individual predispositions and cooperation with the podologist. Requires regular visits and adherence to home care recommendations. Important! Before making an appointment for a specific service, we recommend using a podological consultation to select the appropriate treatment.

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