Sonophoresis is a cosmetic procedure that,with the help of ultrasounds, reaches the deep layers of the epidermis and facilitates the penetration of active substances selected according to the type of skin. It is a micro massage which by creating the heat gets into the tissue, improving cell regeneration, as well as blood and lymph flow.

The treatment of sonophoresis allows a deep penetration into the skin, not only for nursing preparations, but also for appropriate medicinal substances that have a sealing effect on blood vessels, and also accelerate the treatment of acne and the remaining changes, stimulates the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, repairs damaged tissues, delays the aging process of the skin and reduces the visibility of scars.

Additional information

Indications for the procedure:

– dilated capillaries

– vascular neurosis frostbite

– acne vulgaris

– rosacea

– scars

 Contraindications for the procedure:

– tumors and conditions after surgical removal

– pregnancy,

– circulatory failure

– presence of metallic elements in the tissues (pacemaker, braces)

– severe vegetative neurosis

– persistent migraines

– epilepsy

– feverish conditions

– skin defects and cuts

– periodontal purulent conditions

– purulent states of tonsils

– multiple sclerosis

– menstruation

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