1. Idylla Studio opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 18.00. Opening hours are subject to change depending on the needs of customers. It is possible to provide the service at other times than those listed above, also on Saturday, but only by appointment.
2. Please arrive on time for the appointment. Please inform about any delay or absence one day in advance, and in exceptional cases at least a few hours in advance. In case of being late, we do not guarantee that the procedure will be carried out in full.
3. Ordering the service at Idylla Studio is tantamount to submitting by the client / client a statement that there are no health contraindications to carry out the agreed procedure and that he has read these regulations and accepts its terms.
4. Providing personal data by the Cabinet’s customers is tantamount to consent to the processing of data by Rehab Tomasz Zawadziński, in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data. Idylla Studio will not transfer this data to other institutions, companies and third parties.
5. The prices contained in the price list and on the website are not a commercial offer, they may change, in addition, the scope of work and used cosmetics depends on the individual predispositions and needs of the client. The customer is informed about all prices before the surgery.
6. The client agreeing to provide the real name, surname and current phone number by making an appointment. If the customer’s identity or age is subject to doubt, the service is entitled to ask for a photo ID.
7. Any complaints, applications and complaints should be directed to the manager Tomasz Zawadziński in person, by phone at 608402376 or by e-mail:, or by correspondence to the address: Idylla Studio, ul. Rzeźnicka 2/69 80-822 Gdańsk.
8. In the event that the client / client fails to make an appointment twice, when making another appointment he will be asked to make an advance payment, which shall be forfeited when he fails to appear on the agreed date.
9. There is a total ban on smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages in the Salon.
10. All persons in the Salon are obliged to comply with these regulations and follow the suggestions of employees.
11. Before proceeding to provide the cosmetic service, the employee conducts an interview with the client / client in order to agree on the most advantageous procedure, and checking whether for health reasons, past diseases, lifestyle or other factors, the service can be carried out without contraindications. The above interview will also help determine the scope of care recommendations after the procedure.
12. Customers should take off their jewelry before starting the procedure.
13. Performing a procedure that violates tissue continuity requires the written consent of the client / client for the procedure. In the event of refusal to sign consent, the procedure will not be performed.
Customers before the start of the procedure are required to notify the employee of any ailments that may constitute a contraindication to carry out the cosmetic procedure (customers are in particular required to inform about diseases of the blood, lymphatic, skeletal, neurological, psychological and skin systems. Before performing the procedure, the employee should be informed The office, in particular, about: a pacemaker, a cardioverter, cancer, inflammation in the acute phase, a history of jaundice, infection with HIV and other viruses, pregnancy or the postpartum period, prostheses, amalgams, metal implants in the body, strokes, etc.). Hiding diseases, illnesses or other conditions results in the customer taking responsibility for health. In case of concealing this information, salon employees are released from liability for any consequences. Clients are also obliged to inform a Cabinet employee about any possible deterioration of their well-being during the procedures.
14. Procedures related to violation of tissue continuity are performed in sterile disposable gloves, an apron, protective glasses and a mask. Sterile and disposable: tampons, gloves, towels, cotton pads, lignin, gauze pads, napkins, which are disposed of in accordance with the regulations on hazardous medical waste. Reusable cosmetic tools after the procedure are disinfected in accordance with the instructions for use of reusable cosmetic tools. Tables, countertops, armchairs and floors are disinfected with a wide-spectrum surface disinfectant.
15. In case of doubts or fears related to the performed procedure, employees are obliged to provide comprehensive information about the performed procedure and the effects of its performance in a clear, clear and reliable manner.
16. All persons on the premises of the Cabinet are obliged to comply with these regulations and follow the suggestions of the staff. The Client / Client using the services of Idylla Studio at the same time declares that they have read these regulations. Actions or omissions intended to circumvent it are also considered a violation of the provisions of these Regulations.
17. Cabinet staff reserves the right to refuse surgery in justified cases.
18. Cabinet Idylla Studio reserves the right to change these regulations.

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