Powder Henna

Powder henna is a treatment whose effects last longer than ordinary henna. This version of henna is also more natural and instead of weakening the hair, as is the case with the traditional one, it nourishes and strengthens the hair structure.
The procedure itself consists in choosing the right shape and shade of the eyebrows to match the shape of the face and type of beauty in order to highlight the eye.

Additional information


-unsightly appearance of the eyebrows

-light and hardly visible eyebrows and / or eyelashes

-eyebrow arch formation

-darkening of eyebrows and eyelashes

-correction of eyebrow defects

-gray covering



-all dermatoses, allergies

-abrasions and skin damage around the eyes (pimples, scabs, freshly depilated eyebrows),

-infectious diseases,

-redness and swelling of the eyelids,

-allergic to henna

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