Platelet rich plasma injection

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is an innovative skin cell biostimulation program that gives long-lasting effects in skin regeneration and revitalization. The procedure consists in obtaining platelet rich plasma from the patient’s own blood and then injecting it into the skin by injection. Platelet-rich plasma can be injected in a variety of ways, using classic mesotherapy, or linearly along a wrinkle or skin fold.

Additional information

The cell biostimulation program with platelet rich plasma is based on using the body’s ability to regenerate. This is due to the action of its own growth factors and stem cells contained in plasma (Autologous Cell Renewal).
By administering platelet-rich plasma, we stimulate our body’s cells, giving them a signal for renewal and revitalization. The method works by activating platelets contained in platelet rich plasma to produce specific growth factors that:
• stimulate tissue regeneration processes
• support the process of angiogenesis – the creation of new blood vessels
• activate mesenchymal stem cells for reproduction
• stimulate fibroblasts to create new collagen

This leads to regeneration, renewal and hydration of the skin. The aging process of our skin is related to the slowdown in the renewal of our body cells and their reduced ability to regenerate. As a result of platelet-rich plasma therapy, the skin regains its youthful vitality, becomes smoother, more elastic and clearly younger.
When to use platelet rich plasma
• tired, dry skin, lacking radiance, without tension
• signs of skin aging (folds, wrinkles, flaccidity, reduced skin density)
• crow’s feet and dark circles under the eyes
• nasolabial folds
• neck, cleavage, hands
• excessive hair loss, male pattern baldness
• damaged hair, lacking shine
• acne scars
• after dermatological and plastic surgery

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is mainly intended for patients whose skin needs intensive renewal and those who are looking for natural products or are allergic to other products. It is an absolutely natural method and 100% biocompatible with your body, without the risk of intolerance, allergies or other immune reactions.
The effects of platelet-rich plasma therapy
• revitalization, smoothing and harmonizing skin tone
• improvement of skin elasticity, tension and density
• remodeling of collagen fibers
• improving blood circulation, oxygenation and nutrition of the skin
• smoothing wrinkles and folds – volumetric biostimulating therapy of skin cells
• acceleration of healing processes after aesthetic medicine procedures
Tissue reconstruction begins after 48 hours from the first treatment. The first effects of the procedure with platelet-rich plasma are visible after two weeks. Improvement of skin tone, elasticity, density, reconstruction of collagen fibers and filling of fine wrinkles is obtained after three treatments in the 0-1-6 month schedule.
Needle mesotherapy with the use of platelet rich plasma gives excellent results in the case of alopecia and hair weakness. After two treatments, significant hair thickening and improvement of their condition are visible. To achieve the desired effects, treatments should be performed in series of a minimum of 3 treatments. The therapy can be combined with mesotherapy to strengthen the hair with the use of preparations stimulating their growth.
• decompensated diabetes
• anti-cancer therapy
• pregnancy
• lactation
• autoimmune diseases
• tendency to hypertrophic scars
• skin inflammation
• fever

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