Peeling goat’s milk lychee

It is the right choice, especially for people with dry skin. The goat milk extract contained in the peeling has moisturizing, nourishing and cleansing properties. Lychee’s extract prevents excessive getting rid of water from the skin and has anti-oxidizing properties.


– improving the skin structure, stimulating the renewal process,
– oxygenating the tissue
– prevents the growth of regrown hairs
– removal of dead skin
– cleaning the mouth of the hair follicles to facilitate more accurate depilatory
– facilitating the absorption of active substances of the cosmetic
– improving circulation
– 2-3 days after tanning, if the skin is not irritated (provides an even tan effect for longer),
– smooths the skin, improves its color


– skin damage
– inflammation of the skin
– cancers and conditions after surgical removal
– thrombotic disease
– bleeding and hemorrhage
– hemophilia, vascular diathesis
– varicose veins
– high hypertension
– atherosclerosis
– epilepsy
– hyperthyroidism (contraindication for neck massaging and coffee treatment)
– infectious diseases

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