Needle mesotherapy for the face, neck and cleavage

Needle mesotherapy is an innovative, non-surgical cosmetology procedure used for deep skin regeneration.
The broad spectrum of the treatment, performed with the use of active ingredients adapted to individual skin preferences and needs, provides highly beneficial results in the treatment of skin changes on the face, neck, cleavage, head and body. After the treatment, the skin immediately regains vitality, is deeply moisturized, visibly younger and radiant with natural beauty.

Additional informations

Needle mesotherapy for the skin of the face, eyes, neck and cleavage is used for people suffering from the following problems:
• wrinkles, aging skin, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, swelling,
• loss of firmness and atony (flaccid skin), leading to a loss of nice face contour,
• dull, gray, tired, dry, problematic skin,
• scars, acne lesions, calluses and unevenness,
• changes caused by irritation and bacterial infections,
• discoloration.


• decompensated diabetes
• anti-cancer therapy
• pregnancy
• lactation
• autoimmune diseases
• tendency to hypertrophic scars
• skin inflammation
• fever

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