Moisturizing face

A year-round moisturizing treatment for all skin types, especially for smokers, for dehydrated, sun-dried or tanning skin in  solarium.

Additional information

Indications for the procedure:

For all skin types, in particular dehydrated, sun-dried or tanned skin, requiring intense hydration, tired and hypoxic

The effects visible after the procedure:

– immediate and long-lasting skin hydration

– improving firmness and elasticity

– smoothing wrinkles

– healthy color and rejuvenated skin appearance

Recommended number of treatments:

Once to quickly improve the appearance of the skin, and as a treatment for 4 – 6 treatments once a week.

Contraindications for the procedure:

– broken epidermis in the treated area

– viral (e.g. herpes) / bacterial / fungal diseases

– acne with inflammation

– skin fresh after sunbathing- cancer

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