Injection trichology

… or scalp mesotherapy
A treatment that stimulates hair growth and prevents excessive hair loss, eliminates seborrheic inflammation in the scalp area based on the Hair System cocktail.By applying mineral preparations, vitamins, and modern polypeptide substances and growth factors to the scalp, it is possible to significantly improve the nutrition of hair, stop hair loss and even cause regrowth of lost hair.One of the most common indications for a mesotherapy treatment are hair diseases in which hair thinning or significant weakening occurs. The effect of mesotherapy is regeneration, improvement of blood supply and nutrition as well as stimulation of hair growth.

Additional information


• androgenetic alopecia and plaque

• hair loss due to a poor diet

• hair loss due to hormonal changes

• weak hair that requires strong nutrition and strengthening

• hair often dyed

• hair extensions

It is good to repeat the treatment in a series of at least 4 times


• decompensated diabetes

• anti-cancer therapy

• pregnancy

• lactation

• autoimmune diseases

• tendency to hypertrophic scars

• skin inflammation

• fever

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