Injection lipolysis, the so-called fat burner

Injection lipolysis is a quick and effective answer to all your problems related to the not perfectly shaped body. Degreasing the abdomen, buttocks, sides, as well as areas completely insensitive to any diets, such as knees or the vicinity of the armpits – this is a task for injection lipolysis.
What is injection lipolysis? In short, an effective and durable method of removing fat from the belly or other area of the body by injecting the right substances. The treatment is minimally invasive, fully controlled and very safe.
Injection lipolysis is great for shaping our figure and removing local fat accumulation.

Additional information

In general, lipolysis works wherever excess fat interferes with comfortable functioning. However, particularly popular indications for performing the procedure are:
• double chin,
• excess fat on the stomach, buttocks, thighs, hips,
• fatty tissue located below the ribs; in the back of the shoulder, knees and armpits
• lipomas,
• removal of gynecomastia,
• he need to shape your figure,belly .
Removing centimeters from the circumference is obviously related to the number of treatments performed and the amount of fat accumulated. For a small amount of the latter, a series of 2-3 treatments is usually sufficient. However, if the fat tissue is thick and abundant, for example on the stomach the number of treatments must be significantly higher – each time you will receive such information during the first visit setting up the therapy.
• decompensated diabetes
• anti-cancer therapy
• pregnancy
• lactation
• autoimmune diseases
• tendency to hypertrophic scars
• skin inflammation
• fever

Treatment details
Injection lipolysis or fat removal. It lasts very shortly, about 15 minutes, and consists in administering with a series of injections performed with a thin cannula, a substance that breaks down fat cells or adipocytes. At the injection site, intentional and controlled slight inflammation of the adipose tissue occurs. “Swollen” adipocytes burst. The fats released from them pass into the blood and with it into the liver, where they are broken down and then excreted from the body.
Needle mesotherapy for the body is an effective alternative to many other methods of improving the appearance of the body, providing phenomenal effects and is used in:
• cellulite reduction,
• firming the skin covered by cellulite,
• local fat accumulation as a local fat corrector,
• stretch marks – visible improvement in skin appearance
• skin laxity – improvement of structure and density,
• improving skin elasticity, restoring tension,
Needle mesotherapy for the body, according to its name, consists of injecting the skin in order to deliver active ingredients directly to the living epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue – in places that conventional care cosmetics cannot reach.
Performing the procedure using a classic manual technique, using a syringe equipped with a needle, allows you to get through the epidermis and apply valuable substances exactly to those places that need revitalization, rejuvenation, moisturizing, firming and help in the fight against cellulite, stretch marks and fatness. significantly improves skin condition, reduces cellulite and beautifully shapes the figure.

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