Hybrid manicure

The perfect way for beautiful, strong and natural nails. The varnish has been replaced with hybrid enamel, which is cured with UV light. In addition, the nail polish layer is just as thin as with traditional nail polish.

Additional information


– permanent color for 14 days without chipping, imperfections and without risk of damaging the natural tile
– styling without sawing for 2-3 weeks
– does not require invasive sawing the tile
– provides lasting and unique shine
– soluble in acetone, allows styling to be removed without sawing
– drying time 0 minutes


– uneven nail plate
– unsightly appearance of the hand
– dry skin of the hands


– onychomycosis and about toenail
– thrush within the treatment area
– nail warts
– inflammation, allergies
– nail and area infections
– cuts within the treatment area

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