Grape anti-aging therapy

Grape anti-wrinkle therapy is intended for anti-aging care of all skin types. Contains a composition of ingredients: oils, extracts and soothing substances. Provides renewal, regeneration and hydration. Evens out skin tone, prevents aging and fights its symptoms, protects against oxidative stress. The line of cosmetics used for the ritual contains extracts from lime, cucumber and olives, grape seed oil, olive oil, Shea butter, glycerin, panthenol, allantoin, vitamin E.

Additional information


– rejuvenation, nutrition and revitalization of the skin

– strengthening blood vessels and skin defense mechanisms

– antiradical effect

– brightening of discolorations and skin imperfections

– firming and smoothing the skin


– dry, tired, gray skin, lacking in vitality

– mature skin

– photoaging, frequent exposure to cigarette smoke

– vascular skin


– any inflammation (e.g. RA during the exacerbation of the disease)

– bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases

– high body temperature

– product allergy

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