Golden Lift Eternal – Lifting Therapy

Eternal Gold therapy has been prepared for intensive care of mature skin of both face and body. The natural “elixir of youth”, which was created from a combination of unique active ingredients and noble base substances, guarantees comprehensive anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, smoothing and regenerating effects

Additional information:

Xeradin, an extract of sage cultivated under monitored conditions, provides the skin with comfort and hydration for 24 hours. By combining active ingredients with colloidal gold, therapy naturally stops the aging process, reduces discoloration and imperfections in the skin’s structure.

Stoechiol, which is additionally included in face cosmetics, blocks the expression of mimic muscles, contributing to a significant reduction of furrows and wrinkles (instant botox-like effect).



Active ingredients:

Panthenol – an absorbable variety of vitamin B5. It soothes irritations, moisturizes, stimulates the division of epidermis cells, thus accelerating healing processes caused by mechanical factors, as well as sunburn and skin diseases. It is a powerful stimulator of cell growth and renewal.

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