For vascular skin

A year-round treatment, extremely delicate for vascular skin with visible telangiectasias, sensitive, red and irritated. Thanks to properly selected active ingredients, it brings immediate relief to the skin, soothes, restores harmony and a sense of comfort.

Additional information

Indications for the procedure:

– capillariessensitive skin  delicate and prone to irritation,

– rosacea

– irritated and red skin

– exposed to adverse external factors (temperature changes, frost, wind).

The effects visible after the procedure:

– vasoconstriction

– silenced vascular game

– relief of redness and skin irritation

– improving skin tone and protection against the negative influence of external factors.

Effects visible after a series of treatments:

– sealing and strengthening of blood vessels,

– reducing the tendency to crack and the formation of telangiectasia,-increasing skin immunoprotection.

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