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What is floating?

It is a free floating body on the water surface in a specialized floating cabin. This cabin is a soundproof and spacious room with dimensions of 2.4 m by 1.6 m and a height of 2 m. This size of the cabin allows two people to fit in freely. The water is only 30 cm deep and contains a medicinal Epsom salt solution to provide adequate buoyancy. The temperature of water and air inside the capsule, which is the same as body temperature, causes a strong impression of levitation.

The body drifts under conditions of complete sensual isolation from external stimuli. Chronic headache, backache, joint pain, muscle tension, hypertension, stress, fatigue, depression, malaise and other illnesses disappear. After a few minutes we feel the action and positive effects.

Scientific research proves that an hour-long session is equivalent to four hours of deep regenerative sleep. The effects are felt after just one floating session.

A package consisting of a selected body treatment combined with a floating session.
An extremely relaxing bliss compilation!


-Many types of body treatments and massages
– Floating package and any body treatments for one or two people

Who is floating for?

– athletes
– office’s workers
– pregnant women
– artists
– people suffering from chronic pain
– people recovering after various injuries
– meditators
– people fighting addictions
– people suffering from insomnia
– people suffering from depression
– people living under constant stress


• Epilepsy
• Schizophrenia
• Low blood pressure
• Menstruation
• Women in the first trimester of pregnancy
• Open unhealed wounds, cuts
• Immediately after hair removal
• Implanted pacemaker
• Malignant skin neoplasms
• Severe depression or psychosis (psychiatrically treated)
• Thrombosis
• Otitis
• No use after drinking alcohol and psychoactive substances
• Minors with parental consent

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