1.Can the procedure be performed if I suffer from a herpes?

Unfortunately, the herpes makes it impossible to perform most of the procedures. After having a herpes 7 days should pass to completely heal the lesions of it so a treatment can be performed. While having herpes it is not possible to undergo a traditional face massage, peeling mechanical face, facial hair removal – especially around the mouth. cavitation, no mechanical or chemical peeling, cleaning

2.Is it necessary to be prepared for a cosmetic treatment?

No special preparation is needed for facial treatments. Makeup will be washed out  by a beautician, so there is no need to remove it yourself.

3. Apart from the treatments I undergo in the Idylla salon should I use any cosmetics at home?

In the meantime between visits to the salon, you ought to care properly for your skin to deepen the effects of the treatments and keep the expected result as long as possible. Any cosmetics chosen at random should not be used, because they can influence badly positive effects conducted by the therapy. It is best to discuss with your beautician what home care is recommended that goes along with  a given series of treatments.

4. How long does the powder henna effect last?

Powder henna is a natural substance of a plant originally  used from the earliest times for coloring both  body and hair. Thanks to the simple, natural composition, this product does not only effectively dye,but also nourishes the skin and hair thanks to the content of minerals and vitamins. The effect on the skin lasts about 14 days, and on the hair up to 6 weeks.

5. Can I buy a voucher or a gift voucher at Idylla Studio?

Yes, it’s best way to do it  call on 608764744 or send an  e-mail to “kontakt@idylla-studio.pl”

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