Face firming and detoxifying massage

A treatment improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin and neck muscles. Bubble massage improves the condition of capillaries, reduces wrinkles, increases the absorption of cosmetics, which gives a double effect of skin nourishment. It improves circulation, lymph and interstitial fluid flow. Thanks to the massage, the skin becomes elastic, more resistant to external factors, the contraction of facial muscles increases, skin tension and elasticity are improved.

Additional information


– exfoliation of dead skin cells
– improving the blood supply and elasticity of the facial muscles
– reduction of facial swelling
– stimulates the lymphatic system
– smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles
– removal of toxins and harmful metabolic products


– pathologically changed skin,
– tissue break at the treatment site,
– microtraumas
– facial surgery (up to 2 months),
– bacterial and viral infections,
– skin diseases,
– skin infections
– feverish conditions
– infectious diseases,
– tooth extraction (up to 3 days).

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