Exfoliation – chemical peelings

Chemical peels are one of the most frequently performed procedures in aesthetic medicine clinics.
They effectively rejuvenate the skin and care for its condition. They can be performed on the face, cleavage, back, etc. Properly selected peels allow you to remove layers of the epidermis at various depths, thanks to it, the epidermis gets a signal that it is necessary to rebuild what has been exfoliated.
Therefore cells are stimulated to grow faster. Renewing layers are free of ugly changes, but skin condition improvement depends on the depth of damage. The most commonly used compounds for chemical peels are: glycolic acid, salicylic, pyruvic, almond, trichloroacetic (TCA), retinoic and mixtures of various substances , used depending on the expected depth of exfoliation.

Additional information

The effects of the procedure:

• lightening discolorations
• smoothing the skin
• reduction of enlarged pores
• reduction of acne scars
• removing skin roughness
• improving flexibility
• shallowing fine wrinkles
• alleviation of active acne
• reduction of stretch marks

• allergy to the preparation ingredients
• tanned skin / dark phototype
• tanning addiction
• tendency to form keloids
• Isotretinoin treatment (the period after stopping the drug should be 3-12 months),
• active herpes
• warts,
• open wounds
• burns
• active changes of: AZS, LZS
• psoriasis
• active bacterial, fungal and viral changes

Recommendations after surgery- no tanning for 4 weeks. It is advisable to use sunscreen creams with at least 30 SPF and it is forbidden to use AHA creams for 14 days. In order to maintain and strengthen the effect of peeling, you can use creams with vitamin C 2 x daily.
Makeup can be applied a few hours after the procedure (preferably after 24 hours).

There is an absolute ban on scratching the exfoliating epidermis, on the other hand
intensive moisturizing of the skin is highly recommended.
Directly after the peeling or to maintain its effect, therapeutic cosmetics treatments
can be done.

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