DermaPen microneedle mesotherapy

The microneedle mesotherapy procedure consists of controlled microinjections that cause controlled micro-damage responsible for the production of new collagen.
The needles penetrate deep into the skin vertically to the appropriate depth (0.25 – 2.5 mm) by means of vibrations, which makes the treatment effective, safe and gives a high precision supply of active substances to a certain depth.

Additional information

Beneficial effects on the skin:

stimulation of collagen and elastin production

stimulation of fibroblasts by the action of platelet-derived growth factors

improvement of skin density and elasticity

micro-punctures in the skin stimulate the skin’s natural auto-renewal ability and induction of tissue remodeling

Way of action:

The depth at which the skin is punctured is regulated by the person performing the procedure depending on the area and indications. You can set a depth of 0.5 millimeter for the area of ​​delicate skin, e.g. under the eyes, you can also puncture the skin precisely to a depth of 0.5 millimeter in the areas of scars and stretch marks. The depth of punctures allows you to precisely determine what layer of skin undergoes the  therapy.

There can be up to 1000 micro-punctures per second, which create millions of micro-holes in the skin enabling the absorption of active substances deep into the skin.

How the procedure goes:

The skin before the procedure is anesthetized with EMLA cream and it lasts about 30 minutes. The procedure itself takes from 10-20 minutes depending on the area. Each time the microneedle mesotherapy procedure is performed using a sterile disposable head with 12 or 36 very thin needles made of surgical steel.


– dry skin

– loss of skin firmness

– post- treatment scars or acne ones

– wrinkles and expression lines

– discoloration

– photoaging symptoms

– deterioration of skin tone.


– skin diseases including active inflammation, herpes, acne and purulent conditions

– pregnancy and lactation

– diabetes

– presence of fillers (mesotherapy can be performed at the earliest 3 weeks after injection of fillers)

– condition after surgery

– corticosteroid treatment (microneedle mesotherapy can be performed at the earliest one month after the end of the treatment)

– use of medicines that reduce blood clotting

– vascular skin and skin prone to scarring

– feverishness ,cold

– retinoids (at the earliest 6 months after completing the treatment).

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