A year-round collagen treatment based on natural products of the Polish brand Perfect Coll.

PERFECT COLL collagens are technologically advanced products containing fish collagen in the form of hydrate. These biologically active and easily absorbed by human skin collagen gels sensationally prevent skin aging processes and effectively support its renewal.

Additional information

Indications for the procedure:All skin types, especially mature skin with a tendency to dry

The effects visible after the procedure:

– perfect skin regeneration

– immediate moisturizing

– improvement of skin density

– strengthening the structure, firming and improving skin elasticity- stimulation of collagen production

– hydration and smoothing

– skin lifting, facial contours are improved

Recommended number of treatments:

Perform a series of treatments 8-10, once or twice a week. The first treatment already brings relief, soothes and calms sensitive skin.

Contraindications for the procedure:

– broken epidermis in the treated area

– viral diseases (e.g. herpes)

– bacterial / fungal diseases- active acne- cancer

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