Chocolate ritual

Bronzing therapy evens out skin tone, firms and smooths. Gives the shade of tanned skin without leaving streaks. The cocoa extract contained in the cosmetics additionally stimulates and stimulates micro circulation.

The therapy is especially recommended for dry and sagging skin. The therapy is distinguished by its unique scent of real chocolate.

Additonal information


– skin firming

– stress;

– reduced energy levels (general body fatigue);

– excess body fat (obesity);

– cellulite;

– dry and nourished skin;

– wrinkles;

– muscle aches;

– complaints related to the muscular, circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems.


– allergic to chocolate ingredients

– fresh wounds and skin damage;

– inflammation and skin diseases of various types;

– varicose veins;

– increased body temperature;

– cardiovascular disorders;

– infectious diseases;

– pregnancy

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