Botanic Garden Peeling

If you want your body to become relaxed and relaxed after the treatment, it is worth choosing this peeling.Pomegranate extract contained in the peeling has a whole range of vitamins: A, E, B, C, and minerals, as well as beta carotene, punic acid, which improve circulation and have antioxidant properties, which in turn slows down the aging process.


– improving the skin structure, stimulating the renewal process,
– oxygenating the tissue
– prevents the growth of regrown hairs
– removal of dead skin
– cleaning the mouth of the hair follicles to facilitate more accurate -depilation
– facilitating the absorption of active substances of the cosmetic
– improving circulation
– 2-3 days after tanning, if the skin is not irritated (provides an even tan -effect for longer),
– smooths the skin, improves its color


– skin damage
– inflammation of the skin
– cancers and conditions after surgical removal
– thrombotic disease
– bleeding and hemorrhage
– hemophilia, vascular diathesis
– varicose veins
– high hypertension
– atherosclerosis
– epilepsy
– hyperthyroidism (contraindication for neck massaging and coffee treatment)
– infectious diseases

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