A relaxing massage with hot chocolate

Relaxing and nourishing hot chocolate massage enjoying great popularity. Perfectly meets the needs of dry skin, without tension, proper nutrition, requiring regeneration and smoothing. Thanks to the valuable ingredients contained in chocolate: lipids, B vitamins, vitamins A and E and magnesium, it improves blood circulation, reduces excess fat and reduces the visibility of cellulite. The masseuse applies hot chocolate to individual body parts and performs a relaxing massage.

Additional information


– skin firming
– stress;
– reduced energy levels (general body fatigue);
– excess body fat (obesity);
– cellulite;
– dry and nourished skin;
– wrinkles;
– muscle aches;
– complaints related to the muscular, circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems.


– fresh wounds and skin damage;
– inflammation and skin diseases of various types;
– varicose veins;
– increased body temperature;
– cardiovascular disorders;
– infectious diseases;
– pregnancy

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